Save Money!

Why pay employees to perform mindless, repetitive tasks. Let Macro Express do the boring stuff – faster and more accurately! It won’t grumble as much either.

Be More Productive
Boost your productivity with Macro Express. Productivity gains = money saved.

  • “This is a great product! During the trial period we developed Macros that have saved the company hundreds of man-hours of data entry. Projects that were put off for a year due to lack of resources were completed in a matter of days! My management didn’t hesitate to approve [this purchase]. Thank you.”

    –Ken L., California

  • “This program has already increased my productivity by 50%.”

    –George, Texas

  • “Great program – a huge time saver. Thank you for increasing world productivity by millions of hours!”

    –Shane T., New Zealand

Save on Payroll
Use Macro Express to do the work of one or two people.

  • “I am retired now but I was told by another co-worker after I left the company that it was requiring 2-3 people to do my old job. I used Macro Express for many years in tandem with visual basic and other 3rd party programs. The mainstay of all of it of course was your wonderful Macro Express. Thanks for a great software program.”

    –Mike G

Complete projects much faster
Save money by completing projects quickly and freeing up resources for other necessities.

  • “After spending 2 hours constructing a macro to do a task I was expected to complete in a week, I was able to have the entire thing done by the end of the day! My boss is raving (and amazed) and the head doctor of the practice I work for is impressed. I wouldn’t be surprised if I got a promotion soon. Thanks a ton!”

    –Jack R., Texas

Macros for repetitive daily tasks
Build repetitive task macros to speed up daily routines and free up time for other activities.

  • “Our documentation department has been using it for a couple of years now, and I can’t imagine formatting text in our desktop publishing app without it. It easily turns an all-day task into an hour task, and paid for itself almost faster than we could blink.”

    –Mike S., California

  • “Macro Express has been absolutely brilliant for my purpose, which is primarily the automation of a statistical program and the related database’s that feed information in and display the output. By using Macro Express I can easily do in a few hours what would otherwise take a few man-days of manual effort to replicate. Pure gold.”

    –Ross B., Australia

Save money – lots of it!

  • “The cost of the project we completed with your software was around $5,000 CD, but it would have cost us $50,000 without it because we would have had to out-source that work and that is the quote we got.”

    –Jeff J., Canada